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Keep track of the candidates and the issues with PollTracker

Mel Martin

If you're following all the election news this year, it's hard to avoid all the results of the many polls that are taken. PollTracker is a well done non-partisan iOS app that keeps you on top of the ups and downs of the polls in the Presidential race, Senate and House campaigns, gubernatorial races, and even statewide issues.

The app has easy to read graphics, and you can see trends easily. The data comes from polling expert Dr. Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin, who has been tracking this kind of info since 2006.

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You can set push notifications that let you know if a favorite race has some new polling data or new analysis. Poll results go up and down, and as far as the Presidential race goes, it's pretty early to pick favorites, but I still enjoy following the results.

The app is free, and requires iOS5 or greater.

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