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NBA 2K13 hits the hardwood with Kinect, PS Move rides the bench


During a demo of NBA 2K13 yesterday, 2K Sports representatives showed off a new feature exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of NBA 2K13: Kinect voice commands. These commands can be used for simple things like telling a player to move to the post, as well as more advanced commands like calling isolation plays for specific ballers. Cursing at Kinect is a feature, but it'll net you a foul in-game.

The Kinect features will only be available when playing against the AI in NBA 2K13 – no Kinect voice commands in online and local multiplayer. 2K Games reps said that it didn't make sense from both a technological and gameplay standpoint. In local multiplayer, there'd be no way to determine who is who; using Kinect voice commands online would bog down the experience in needless lag.

As for PS Move support on the PS3, 2K Games reps told me that feature would not make a return this year. PS Move support made its debut in NBA 2K12, unveiled by none other than Kobe Bryant during an E3 2011 presentation.

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