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RIFT team calls down the thunder in Storm Legion dev diary


"You are a fantasy character going up against technology that is far beyond you," a Trion Worlds developer cautions in a brand-new RIFT: Storm Legion video. In the span of three minutes, Trion's team attempts to convince you why RIFT's first expansion warrants your sincere and undivided attention.

The core concepts of the expansion are laid out, from the new continents to the storyline. In fact, consider this your cheat sheet for Storm Legion if you're looking for a tidy and exciting summary.

The devs also state that this isn't just your same-old, same-old romp through familiar territory. "Instead of more high fantasy, we're getting creatures that people have never even imagined before," promises Design Producer Hal Hanlin.

Watch the full dev diary after the break and let us know what you think about Storm Legion's prospects in the comments!

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