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Smartphones find a growing role in the kitchen


This is a trend that has been going on for a while now, but this is the first time I've seen some real, solid numbers on it. Smartphones are playing a bigger and bigger role in kitchens, of all places. Back in the day, I remember most phones being too fragile and too problematic in the UI department to really be useful in the kitchen, but with big, sturdy tablets and phones these days, and apps that let you do anything with voice commands or just a swipe on the screen, smartphones while cooking or baking are more popular than ever. says that a full 15% of all cooks have viewed a cooking video on their smartphones, while even higher percentages have used iOS and other tablet devices to snap photos of food while cooking or out and about, or looked up a recipe online. Most recipes are still found through search engines, but cooking sites make up a big percentage of recipe lookups and information finding about food.

And Allrecipes says the future is even brighter: 44% of people polled say online cooking sites are their best source of food information right now (as opposed to cookbooks or other cooks), and that figure will likely grow as these websites become more useful. Cooks also expect the role of the smartphone itself to grow, as they use their smartphone for coupons, or to even order or pay for food in the future. There are a number of factors going into this transformation, but if smartphones continue on in the direction they're going, we could use them not just to call up and order a meal, but to pay for that meal, and then also see how to serve and cook it as well.

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