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Valve removes 'player-created' Aion mace from Dota 2

MJ Guthrie

After discovering that a mace supposedly created by a player in the Steam Workshop and then added to Dota 2 was actually copied from NCsoft's MMORPG Aion, Valve removed the item and issued a warning to players.

Believing the mace model the author's original work, Valve made it available to Dota 2 players who purchased a key to unlock a special chest. But Valve's community noticed the mace was Aion's Marchutan's Blessed Mace and reported the IP infringement. All 24,603 players who previously acquired the mace were issued replacement weapons for the confiscated one. The uploader of the mace has been banned, and all proceeds from the sale of the weapon have been stripped from his account.

Valve posted a reminder that contributors to the Workshop must respect the intellectual property of others and encouraged the community to continue to report infringements.

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