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Guacamelee has expanded Vita controller functionality

Jordan Mallory

Drinkbox Studios will be attending this year's PAX Prime festivities in Seattle at the end of this month, and while it's there the developer will be showing off one of the benefits of Guacamelee's PlayStation 3/Vita exclusivity.

"We're integrating the Vita as a PS3 controller for Guacamelee, utilizing the Vita screen for a mini-map, and hopefully more," Drinkbox's Chris McQuinn told Joystiq. "Does this sound like a next-gen console you've heard of perhaps? As far as we know, we're the first game doing this."

PAX Prime attendees, however, won't need a transmedia map on a $250 handheld to find Guacamelee on the show floor: Juicebox will be setting up shop inside the Indie Megabooth, which will be discernible from other, mainstream booths due to its abundance of pixel art and stylish, easily accessible development teams.

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