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Sons of Anarchy game is getting 'no traction,' says Sutter

Jordan Mallory

Sons of Anarchy creator/writer/producer/director/actor Kurt Sutter doesn't sound terribly hopeful when it comes to the video game adaptation of his FX cable television show. As it stands, the game is "getting NO TRACTION," Sutter tweeted earlier today, and that it "looks like our big publisher blew us off." Sutter went on to say that the project was not a priority for FX, and that he doubts it will happen.

After cautioning his followers that game development is an incredibly risky business, Sutter reiterated that he does not wish to "do a shitty browser game," giving AMC The Walking Dead Social Game as an example of what not to do -- "sorry @glenmazzara, show's awesome, game sucks." He also said that it was his responsibility as a gamer to release a quality product, "not some 1/2 promotional piece of shit like GOT."

Though he admittedly does not know what his options are at this time, Sutter did jokingly suggest a Sons of Anarchy edition of Monopoly as an alternative to a console title.

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