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Starhawk 1.02 update adds free 'Cypress' map pack

Jordan Mallory

LightBox Interactive's PS3-exclusive shooter Starhawk has received, among other things, two new free maps as part of the game's recently applied 1.02 update. As seen in the video above, both maps take place on the planet Cypress, which is where the game's plot-vital "Rift Energy" was originally discovered long, long ago.

The two new maps maps, "Cypress: Collider" and "Cypress: Origin," both feature more locations for troops to use as cover, as well as pre-built structures with interiors -- two features fans have asking for, according to a post by LightBox Interactive president Dylan Jobe on the PlayStation Blog.

The 1.02 update also includes a multitude of other tweaks, fixes and adjustments, such as the addition of "Prestige" levels (Alpha through Omega, specifically) for players able to rank beyond Level 50. Other changes/additions include a new Homeworld called "Waypoint," as well a revamped voice chat system and the ability to eject from in-flight jet packs. Complete patch notes can be found at the source link below.

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