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Dominion officially coming to the App Store this week


My favorite card game to play with friends right now is called Dominion. It's a game that's set off a "deck-building" craze in the board gaming world, in that you build up a deck to play with as the game goes on. It's inspired quite a few games on the App Store already (including the excellent Ascension), and there has even been an officially-sanctioned fan version of the game previously released. But that fan version disappeared a while ago, and that's because we're finally getting a full, official version of Dominion to play on iOS later on this week.

Rio Grande has promised to make a full version of the game for a while, and as of this Thursday, we'll have it. The game looks and sounds great: free play of the base game, and then in-app purchase access to the game's expansions as they're released. You'll be able to play by yourself against bots, online with friends, or even in a new "adventure mode" that turns the game into a single-player title.

The new app is essentially a frontend for an HTML 5 version of the game being worked on by a company called Goko, but as long as it's Dominion and it works, no worries, right? We'll find out how faithful this version is when it comes out on Thursday.

[via Pocket Tactics]

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