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Acer Iconia Tab A110 allegedly caught brandishing Jelly Bean in press shots


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When we last left Acer's Iconia Tab A110, it was going to be yet another 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet. No big deal. The proposition just became a little more intriguing now that online shop Ebuyer has posted what might be formal press shots of the A110 sporting a fresh coat of Jelly Bean, making it one of the first third-party Android 4.1 tablets that we've seen. Assuming the gallery isn't just a clever attempt to whip customers into a frenzy, the posting suggests Acer's design will follow the Nexus 7 formula all the way through to the stock interface. About the only differences are that empty home screen and incredibly generic wallpaper. Where it goes awry is the timing: without any hint of a release date, we don't know if a Jelly Bean update would push the A110 beyond its original summer launch target. Any truth to the story, however, can only mean good things for the tablet's larger A210 sibling.

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