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Apple rests its case in Samsung trial


After all of the disclosures, testimony, and legal maneuvering of the last several weeks, Apple rested its case in the patent infringement case against Samsung.

Apple's last stand wasn't exactly without drama. Three of the Samsung phones that Apple had said were infringing on design patents -- the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S i9000, and Galaxy S II i9000 -- were thrown out of the trial as they were not sold in the U.S. by Samsung. That's actually alright with Apple, as it had assigned those phones a total value of $0 in terms of their impact on Apple's sales of iPhones.

On Monday, Samsung attempted to have Judge Lucy Koh issue a Judgement as a Matter of Law that Apple had not proven its case and that no reasonable jury would ever side with Apple. That would have ended the trial, but Judge Koh threw out the request and the trial will proceed.

Apple also finished its testimony on the damages it is seeking from Samsung, which have grown from $2.5 billion to $2.88 billion. Samsung has started its defense, and it is expected that closing arguments in the case will be heard as soon as next Tuesday, August 21. After that point, it's all up to the jury to decide.

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