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Breakfast Topic: How excited for pet battles are you?

Joe Perez

I don't know about you guys, but I find myself getting maybe a little too excited for pet battles. First of all I'm a huge collector of all items like pets and mounts, and I just have to catch them all. The pet battles themselves are incredibly fun, and even with the seemingly obvious comparison to a certain other pocket pet fighting game, it is being implemented pretty well.

It also helps that pet battles justifies my years of obsessively obtaining every single pet I could find across multiple continents and worlds. Not only is it giving me all the justification I could ever want for grabbing these pets, but it also adds considerable elements to the user interface. The new pet journal looks absolutely amazing. It is clearly organized with all the information you could possibly want on your pets, and the team UI is something I wish a few other games would have had when dealing with miniature pet fighters.

With the number of obtainable pets that you can find, battle and tame, I find myself sometimes just sitting around rubbing my hands together and cackling like an evil genius. That's perfectly normal, right?

Besides, now is the time where I get to exact my revenge! They laughed at me when I farmed for hours on end to get a Disgusting Oozeling, but I will have the last laugh when it melts their faces! Feel my wrath, fruit vendor, it is time for war! Oh ... well ... I'll just be over here making more videos until it goes live.

So how about you? Do you find yourself getting super-excited about the incoming pet battles?

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