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    Daily iPad App: Business Card Reader HD lets you scan business cards on the go


    SHAPE Services has an iPad version of its Business Card Reader app that'll make it easy for you to manage your business cards right on your tablet. The iPad version works in a similar way as its iPhone counterpart. It uses the camera on your iPad 3 to snap a photo of a business card and has a text recognition system that'll parse out the relevant contact details. Once you import the information, you can easily add the contact's details to your iPad address book. You can also sync the data to LinkedIn and other CRM systems using the instructions on SHAPE Service's website.

    The app works smoothly as long as you have a firm, steady grip on your iPad. Because the iPad is on the large side, though, it's hard to maintain a steady hand while photographing the business card. Any shakiness introduces blur, which diminishes the app's ability to recognize text. As a result, there can be several errors in the contact information that need to be corrected before you can save the entry.

    That being said, Business Card Reader HD can be useful when you want to enter a business card, and you only have your iPad. You just have to keep as still as possible to get the best results. The app is on sale right now, so you can purchase Business Card Reader HD for US$1.99, which is 70 percent off the app's regular $6.99 price tag.

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