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Need for Speed: Most Wanted to ditch traditional car unlocks, let you smash your friend's face


In Criterion's upcoming Need for Speed: Most Wanted, every car in the game will be available almost immediately, executive producer Matt Webster said during EA's Gamescom press event today. Webster asked the crowd why players can't just choose any car they want at the beginning of a game, saying that the only thing holding developers back is 20 years of tradition. "An open world game deserves an open game structure," he said, adding that "if you can find it, you can drive it." Adding to the open nature of Most Wanted's progression, unlocking upgrades for a specific car is as easy as driving it.

Another Most Wanted feature involves competing with your friends. The team at Criterion thought it would be great to show which of your friends have made the best jump in a given area, for example. The solution, just slap up an in-game billboard of your friend's face. If you want to break your buddy's record, all you have to do is smash right through his or her face (as illustrated by the about-to-be-obliterated image of Peter Moore's mug seen above).

Furthermore, a feature called CloudCompete will allow players to track their friends activity and earn multiplayer points across multiple devices, including iOS, PC, Mac, Vita and consoles.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will launch on October 30 in North America and on November 1 in Europe.

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