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Prez Elect USA for iOS will let you run your own political campaign

Mel Martin

Just in time for the political season, Prez Elect USA is a universal iOS game that allows you to choose your party and then campaign across the U.S. looking for electoral votes. You can try to get good press, make lots of speeches, engage in debates and raise money. The game is time limited, so you only have a certain amount of time to win.

The game moves fast as you and your opponent compete for electoral votes. There is music and a variety of sound effects to enhance gameplay.

The game seems short on strategy and long on moving quickly to secure each state. Playing it, I felt I was racing against the clock, rather than trying to make the best moves to get elected. I think this might be a good game for young players to introduce them to how our political system works, but it lacks detail and the kind of random events that can make the simulation feel real.

The game is US$1.99, and offers a $0.99 and $1.99 in-app purchase to provide more campaign resources and a professional speech writer. I believe these features should be included in the game, not an extra cost item.

Prez Elect USA is a clever idea. I wold have liked to see it offer a better, more detailed simulation, something along the lines of SimCity in terms of variety and randomness, but for a youngster it's a fun way to introduce our every four year election process.

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