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Tearaway takes iota on a journey through PS Vita, our heart


Tearaway, a new 3D adventure game for the PS Vita, was revealed earlier today during Sony's Gamescom 2012 keynote. But aside from some brief gameplay snippets and specific features possible only on the PS Vita, we weren't given much detail.

Thankfully developer Media Molecule just published a lengthy blog post on the subject. Within, the premise of the game is detailed: iota, a cute little paper messenger thing from an alternate dimension, is on a mission to deliver a message to you, the player. Players must team up with iota and "journey through the vibrant papery landscape" to take on enemies and help those in need.

Controlling iota is very reminiscent of other 3D platformers, but with the unique hardware of the PS Vita, players can touch and breathe on and shake their PS Vita to affect the game world. "Tearaway is still very much an extension of the creative gaming genre, so rest assured you'll be able to personalise and customise your world to your heart's content," Media Molecule's Alex Evans assures. "We'll have to be secret Susans about that until a later date though!"

But, hey, as much as we like information, we'd be remiss if we didn't point you to the real value in Media Molecule's blog post: a pdf link to make your own papercraft elk, the very same seen in the gameplay trailer above. We shall call ours ... Tim.

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