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Blizzard previews the Spirit of Harmony and profession changes

Matthew Rossi

Mists of Pandaria makes changes to a wide variety of game systems, from your class talents and abilities to how tanking works, and professions aren't immune to this sweeping revamp of just about everything. On the official site, we're being treated to a nice preview that covers the new Spirit of Harmony crafting material and how it will be used in the game.

The Spirit of Harmony is a material used in crafting, yes, and it assembles from motes like primals did in The Burning Crusade, but it's also a bind-on-pickup item that can be traded for various benefits, depending on your profession. Nethaera breaks it down for us:

Nethaera -- Professions: Living in Perfect Harmony
Here are some examples of the many ways that Spirit of Harmony can be used:

Alchemy: Purchase an extra Transmute.

Archaeology: Purchase a restored artifact.

Cooking: Exchange for an Iron Paw Token.

Enchanting: Buy reagents.

Engineering: New mounts and personal goggles.

Herbalism: Purchase herbs.

Inscription: Purchase rare inks.

Jewelcrafting: Use to purchase extra daily discoveries.

Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking: Used to create epic items.

Purchasing materials may not ultimately be the most efficient way to gain resources, but it can be an added convenience to purchase something with Spirit of Harmony rather than going back into the world to get it. The Spirit of Harmony vendor can be found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

While the Spirit of Harmony will be BoP to start, Nethaera does mention that it may become bind to account to help players with crafting or profession specialist alts to get the most use out of the system, although that's not been decided yet. For now, it'll be bind on equip.

Head over to the official site to get the rundown on how the Spirit of Harmony will work for crafting.

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