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EverQuest's Hero's Forge cosmetic system goes live


All you EverQuest players better put on your fiercest faces and get ready to hit the catwalk 'cause the game's cosmetic armor system is officially live. The new feature, known as the Hero's Forge, will provide players the means to craft and discover a number of new cosmetic armor pieces so that they can strut around Norrath in the finest fashions.

But much like that Versace handbag you've had your eye on (don't deny it), haute couture in Norrath doesn't come cheap. The Hero's Forge will have to be unlocked separately for each individual character on a player's account, and the only way of doing this is via a real-money transaction in the SOE Marketplace at the slightly ridiculous price of 1200 Station Cash ($12 US) per character. Looks like you can put a price on beauty. Nonetheless, players eager to get a fashionista fix can head on over to the Marketplace to get hooked up.

[Source: Sony Online Entertainment press release]

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