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MIT's Hiriko 'foldable' car said to be priced at around $16k when it launches later next year


There's certainly a great amount of hype behind that Spanish, MIT-backed EV project called Hiriko, and although we'd been given an idea of how much this miniature ride would cost to make, we still hadn't heard any word on the official MSRP. Well, according to PSFK, the site's heard confirmation that the unorthodox Hiriko electric car will be priced at "around" $16,000 when it finally launches in 2013, which could be considered a small price to pay for driving around in a foldable and very fancy four-wheeler. Unfortunately, we've yet to hear what roads around the world the Hiriko Fold will be hitting after launch, but as you may or may not know, the company does say it'll be perfect for cities like San Francisco, Barcelona and Berlin.

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