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Planetary Annihilation, a new RTS Uber wants to get Kickstarted


Super Monday Night Combat developer Uber Entertainment is looking to branch out from its free-to-play MOBA game and create a real-time strategy title called Planetary Annihilation. Of course Uber is using Kickstarter to finance the $900,000 cost of the game, but they're also taking donations directly through its Planetary Annihilation website.

Planetary Annihilation aims to do just that: present "Total Annihilation-inspired gameplay on a planetary scale." Players will wage galactic war and conquer entire solar systems, or games can be scaled back to take place on a single planet. Like other RTS games, Planetary Annihilation will allow players to create their own maps – in this case, their own planets and systems – which players will be able to publish and share to the community.

Multiplayer skirmishes can have anywhere between two and 40 participants. And to handle the load of these intense skirmishes, Planetary Annihilation will employ a client-server model to handle the lion's share of work running multiplayer matches, so that real-time multiplayer won't be bogged down by those with lesser-quality rigs.

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