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Samsung Galaxy S III bootloader for Verizon can now be unlocked: take that, Big Red (update: video)

Zachary Lutz

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If you're hot and bothered by the Galaxy S III on Verizon and have a burning desire to get your grubby little mitts on some custom ROMs and kernels, then rejoice, because you'll no longer have to plunk down $600 on the Developer Edition to partake in the fun. That's right, the encrypted bootloader of Big Red's Galaxy S III has now been unlocked. If you're wanting to partake in the fun, you'll find the requisite utility and a complete list of instructions over at xda-developers. As is, you'll need either Linux or OS X to carry out the dirty work, though workarounds for Windows users are possible. Be sure to do a bit of soul-searching before pulling the trigger, however, as any future updates pose the risk of bricking your device. That said, if you dive straight into the world of custom ROMs, it'll be much less of an issue.

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Update: Hit the break for a video that shows the process of unlocking the bootloader on Verizon's Galaxy S III.

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