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Diablo III reveals patch 1.0.4 class updates [Updated]


As the dust settled following Diablo III's tumultuous launch, players quickly figured out the most effective skills and items to use for each class. In the game's upcoming patch 1.0.4, underused skills and legendary items are receiving some big buffs, and several overpowered skills are due for a nerf. This week Blizzard revealed details of the legendary item revamp and some big balance updates for the Wizard, Monk, and Barbarian classes.

The popular Wizard Critical Mass build is due for a nerf, with Energy Twister's spell coefficient being cut in half. Venom Hydra has emerged as the most powerful variant, but rather than nerfing it, Blizzard will be buffing the alternative versions. Barbarians will be seeing a buff to fury-generating abilities Bash and Cleave and huge increases in the damage output of fury spenders. Finally, Monks will enjoy a huge damage boost to Wave of Light and Seven-Sided Strike, and all players will see improvements to make two-handed weapons more competitive.

[Update: The Demon Hunter preview has also just gone live.]

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