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Gamescom 2012: RIFT Storm Legion walkthrough


Fantasy MMO RIFT has been regularly updated with new content since launch, but its upcoming Storm Legion expansion has the potential to blow all previous updates out of the water. The expansion will triple the size of the game world with the two brand-new continents of Brevane and Dusken. Between them, the new continents will launch with 11 new zones, seven new dungeons, three new raids and a new capital city.

At Gamescom 2012 this week, Trion Worlds revealed further details of the new expansion with a full walkthrough. The expansion aims to add even more customisation options to the already expansive game, with one new soul per calling and all existing souls being extended up to the new level cap of 60. Check out the walkthrough video after the cut to see the new Harbinger soul in action and several of the new game zones.

[Thanks to Rehlik for the tip!]

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