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Amazon Instant Video app finally adds search function

Mel Martin

On August 1, Amazon launched an iPad app, Amazon Instant Video, so Amazon Prime members could enjoy watching movies on their favorite tablet. There was just one glitch, however: there was no search function. Today's update fixes that.

Now you'll find a search icon in the lower right corner, which will open up a search field that will suggest titles as you type. You can sort results by Prime videos, or all videos. Results can't be sorted, but when you tap on an item you'll either be able to watch it (if you're a Prime member, more often than not) or save it to your Watchlist for videos unavailable via iPad.

Search isn't perfect, however. A search for James Cameron brought up Vanilla Sky, which is directed by Cameron Crowe. So it seems Amazon still has some work to do.

The updated app also features a tweaked navigation bar and several squashed bugs.

The old version would display a smattering of movies, with no way to search for a favorite actor, for example. That was a real oversight for a service that offers 120,000 movies. I'm glad Amazon has added search, and look forward to better filtering in the future.

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