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Aqua Kitty, and more of the PlayStation Mobile launch lineup


PlayStation Mobile is slowly becoming a more concrete, real thing, as Sony introduced a selection of games due to launch on the Android/Vita service this year. There's a screenshot and synopsis of each on the UK PlayStation site.

Some interesting games include Aqua Kitty, about drilling for milk under the sea to feed kittens, while shooting hostile sea monsters – we did say interesting! Passing Time is a pixelated soccer game by Honeyslug in which you control the passing, shooting, and fireballs of otherwise autonomous soccer players. Frederic - Resurrection of Music is a rhythm action game about a resurrected Frederic Chopin fighting waves of enemies, controlled by an onscreen keyboard. And Panic is about creating blockades to keep an invading slime monster from eating people.

See more games on the site, including, of course, Super Crate Box. So far, PlayStation Mobile is shaping up to be really odd, which is good news.

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