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Apple and Samsung CEOs in last-minute peace talks


Out of respect to Judge Lucy Koh's request last week that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung try to make peace before their trial goes to a jury, Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Kwon Oh Hyun will have a last-chance phone call today, according to Bloomberg.

The results of that phone call are to be reported to Judge Koh later today. Koh said last week that she was "pathologically optimistic" that Samsung and Apple could find a way to come to an agreement over the two-way patent infringement lawsuit before it goes to the jury.

If the phone call doesn't resolve any issues, the jury is expected to take on the deliberations tomorrow. At stake is $399 million in royalties that Samsung says Apple owes it for infringing its patents, and a whopping $2.5 to $2.75 billion that Apple wants to recoup as a result of Samsung allegedly deliberately infringing on a number of Apple design and technical patents.

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