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DUST 514 Neocom makes game functions portable via PS Vita app

MJ Guthrie

Although unable to participate in actual gameplay unless they are sitting at their consoles, DUST 514 players will be able to access a variety of features from anywhere on their mobile devices using a companion app to the PS3. Dubbed DUST 514 Neocom, this PS Vita app grants full access to the fittings system, allowing players to adjust armor, weaponry, and vehicle configurations. The app also lets players peruse and purchase from the game's store; it even offers daily deals and special offers.

CCP Creative Director Atli Mar Sveinsson stated, "There are so many parts of DUST 514 that you can take with you and don't need a PS3 to enjoy, and this was the perfect way to exploit those features. The whole PlayStation ecosystem works really well, allowing these systems to connect and be a nice cohesive experience. It's MMO on the go."

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