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Los Angeles' first Mobile Arts Festival shows off photography and art created on iOS devices


Last Saturday I stopped by the first ever Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival right near where I live in Santa Monica, and took a look at some art and photography created exclusively on mobile devices. Nathaniel Park and his fiance Daria Polichetti put the festival together -- they are also the founders of, and Park told me that the online art gallery "wanted to take this to a real gallery somewhere," and the result is this festival.

If you're around Santa Monica, the gallery is open all this week at Hangar South and Arena 1 in the Santa Monica Airport. Otherwise, you can browse through the gallery below, to see all of the various works on display, from nature photography and digital painting to a full wall of iPad displays and even a car wrap covered in art created on an iPad.

The festival goes on all this week, and also includes talks and workshops explaining how to put the art together, and even an event live at the Santa Monica Apple Store. "We wanted it to not just be the gallery, because we wanted to bring people in to show them what artists can do, and introduce them to this new kind of art style and movement," says Park.

Gallery: Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival 2012 | 54 Photos

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