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Rumor: Dragon Age 3 survey shows characters, possible titles, 'Inquisition' storyline


A BioWare forum user claims to have taken a survey about potential content in Dragon Age 3. The survey, as presented in screenshots taken by Earthborn_Shepard, shows character art, a list of proposed titles (Dragon Age 3: The Breach, Exarch, Inquisition, Inquisitor, or Apocrypha) and a synopsis, which reveals the player taking the role of "The Inquisitor," who is investigating the magical plot to destroy the Chantry and create anarchy. The character can be a rogue, warrior, or mage, according to the synopsis, and has up to ten companions to choose from.

The NeoGAF thread on the subject helpfully rounded up all the content from the BioWare Social thread, allowing you to see all the various characters allegedly shown in the survey.

BioWare has never officially announced a Dragon Age 3, only making vague references to future Dragon Age games ... and hiring for Dragon Age 3.

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