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Nukotoys digital apps and physical cards available now


Back in January at CES, one of the most magical things we got to see was these new cards from Nukotoys, physical collectible cards that somehow interacted with Apple's capacitive touchscreens (probably with an invisible pattern, if I had to hazard a guess). The project seemed very cool, and Nukotoys told us that it hoped to release by year's end. They're ahead of schedule apparently, because the apps are now available on the App Store, and I'm told that the physical cards are out at retailers available to buy right now.

That link above goes to the Monsterology-branded app, and there's also an Animal Planet-branded Wildlands app out, with specific "Nuko Cards" also available for each. The idea is that kids can buy packs of the cards, which will then interact with the apps when touched to the iPad or iPhone's screen, adding an animal or monster directly into the app. Nukotoys is sending some cards along to TUAW shortly, so we'll have a look at how it all actually works when those show up.

In the meantime, if you've been waiting to see the product in action, you can run out and grab some cards right now. This interaction between the physical and digital is fascinating to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see exactly this kind of toy be very popular heading into this year's holiday season. Nukotoys has done a lot of work leading up to this release, so here's hoping it all pays off well for them.

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