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Special Forces: Team X is next game from Blacklight dev

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Blacklight: Retribution developer Zombie Studios is bringing players back to war this fall with Special Forces: Team X. Currently only confirmed for PC, the downloadable game features a cel-shaded art style akin to Ubisoft's XIII, along with a "dynamic tile map system," allowing for battlefields to be generated in "over 100" combinations based on player votes.

Though the reveal trailer for the game hides some of the more gruesome action with censor bars, the game itself won't shield fragile stomachs from such unrelenting action.

As well as standard gametypes like team deathmatch, capture point, and capture the flag, Special Forces: Team X will include high value target and hot zone modes. Other hot-button requests for any new shooter seem to be included as well, including dedicated servers, detailed player customization, and authentic weaponry. Also, blood.

Zombie tells Joystiq that PAX attendees will get a chance to see Special Forces: Team X at next week's event, though it won't be playable.

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