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THQ cuts marketing jobs, boosting development side [update]


An internal memo attributed to THQ president Jason Rubin sent yesterday to staff outlines plans for layoffs in the publisher's marketing team and desire to boost development. The letter, published by 3D Realms founder George Broussard, notes the marketing and production staff will be cut by "20 individuals."

"It is worth pointing out that none of the development teams are effected, and we do not anticipate the reduction to have any impact whatsoever on the titles in production or the future scale of our output," wrote Rubin. "It is also quite likely that in the long run the company will hire new individuals with different skill sets in their stead. To put this in perspective, Volition alone anticipates growing by about 20 individuals in the next 12 months."

Rubin says the change represents a resource shift from oversight to production, and from centralization out to the development studios. He also notes that the two departments affected by the cuts were "largely unaffected" by the January layoffs.

We've reached out to THQ for a statement on the memo.

Update: THQ statement found after the break.

THQ's official statement:

"THQ confirms a realignment has taken place in the company's marketing and production groups in Agoura Hills. This change is reflective of the company's ongoing strategy to create a more focused, agile, and digitally-oriented organization. Less than 3% of the company's global workforce was impacted, and no development teams or projects were affected by this action."

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