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A quick summary of Apple v Samsung jury instructions


Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments earlier this and now the trial of the century is in the hands of the jury. Before deliberations began, Judge Lucy Koh spent a portion of Tuesday afternoon going over 100+ pages of instructions with the jury. We don't have to endure this tedious process thanks to Macworld UK, which boiled down the instructions to five main points.

In a nutshell, the jury has to look at expert testimony through the eyes of "an ordinary observer." They must consider whether Apple's and Samsung's products are substantially the same and, at the same time, determine whether Apple's designs are obvious. The jury also needs to note the dates when Apple's iPad and iPhone became successful and when Samsung launched its products. Lastly, jury members are allowed to spend time on the Internet, but they can't download apps, game, music or software updates.

You can read the details on each of these points on Macworld UK's website.

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