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Larian Studios' Gamescom still a success despite having two PCs stolen


Divinity franchise dev Larian Studios had a successful trip to Gamescom, even though two of the company's PCs were stolen containing early builds of Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin. "The team is using backup PCs, so no issues there," Larian said in a statement issued during the show. A video montaging Larian's antics at Gamescom also captures Larian president Swen Vincke reacting to the burglary in real time.

"How do you feel about somebody physically stealing your games?" he's asked. "I feel very bad bad about it. I feel like I've been raped actually. It wasn't only my games that were on there, there were also personal documents on there. So I hate it. I think the person should be crucified," Vincke said, clearly still upset.

"There's very little I can do, I'll keep on smiling. I'll give $5,000 to whoever gets me my PC back," Vincke added. As of now, Larian tells us it hasn't gotten its hardware back, nor have any builds of the two stolen games surfaced online (at least that Larian's seen). Nor has Larian heard from the culprits. If you'd like to get in contact with the studio to offer information, shoot the devs an email right here.

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