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Minecraft iOS getting chests, creepers, beds and more


The team behind the iOS version of Minecraft has submitted an update for version 0.4.0 of the app, and as you can see from the changelog, they're adding some really important elements to the game. Chests are probably the biggest update: Those can be built with materials found in the world and allow players to store more and more of what they find and collect out there. Beds are also being added in to the game, which will help players more easily survive the game's dangerous night.

Minecraft's most iconic enemy, the Creeper, is also headed to the mobile version of the game in this next update. These zombified guys sneak up on players from behind, and explode when close, not just hurting players, but also destroying any structures built nearby.

It sounds like a significant update -- the differences between the very popular PC version of the game and the iOS version are shrinking more and more every time an update like this arrives. The development team says the patch has been submitted to Apple already, and should be out sometime next month.

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