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Sony Cambridge concept artist shows work from failed pitches


Artist Jason Wilson was a concept artist at Sony's Cambridge studio (before it was folded into Guerilla Games earlier this year). Over on his personal portfolio blog, he's shared a few concept pieces for various pitches put together by the studio on projects that never got made. Simian is the first title he describes: It was an early iteration of what would become Sony's EyePet, with a more alien and mature "adventure game set on a strange alien jungle planet."

Wilson also talks about a first-person shooter named Revolution 4 that portrayed a War of the Worlds-style alien invasion in the middle of modern London (but which later was canceled in favor of Resistance: Fall of Man), as well as a first-person survival horror game named Manhattan, featuring frenzied zombies as opponents, and some strategy elements in terms of clearing checkpoints and saving survivors.

Finally, Wilson posts art from a third-person assassin action game called Zodiac Assassin, which featured a world-traveling female protagonist and some exotic settings. Again, Heavenly Sword was also in progress at Sony at the time, and the company decided in favor of that game rather than the one Wilson was pitching at Cambridge. It's quite a menu Wilson lays out here, and for dishes we'll never get to eat.

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