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WoW Moviewatch: If Women Ruled WoW 2


Work Warning: Cursing, mature themes, and more. Be forewarned. There's sexism and racism, intended in a critical way.

The first If Women Ruled WoW was mostly played for laughs. And while there are plenty of jokes in this sequel, the overall tone is much different. It feels a little more thoughtful to me. In the end, I couldn't quite decide where I landed on it, which I suppose is part of the point. It certainly has some star power, featuring Gigi, Lil Biz, Quixotica, Ray, and Nyhm.

Lots of gender issues line the streets of Azeroth's community. Sometimes we do a good job of things, avoiding a lot of the misogyny and hatred that stocks up other gaming cultures. Other times, we don't do such a bang-up job.

This video flips male/female and then trots out virtually every crass stereotype and lame trope we see about women in gaming. I don't know if the video serves as a successful critique or wince-worthy parody. Normally, with the cursing, I wouldn't feature the video (we're a family blog, you see), but I truly feel the video's heart was in the right place. What do you think?

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