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EX Troopers to feature 'survival' team-based multiplayer mode


EX Troopers, Capcom's colorful Lost Planet spin-off, will feature a team-based multiplayer 'survival' mode. Capcom Japan published the details today along with a few screens, The mode will feature online multiplayer on PS3, and local multiplayer on 3DS. Both the 3DS and PS3 versions will support up to six players split into two teams.

In principle it looks like a fairly standard attack/defend mode, with one team trying to obliterate the other before the timer runs out. But this is EX Troopers and everything we've seen so far of the game has been anything but ordinary.

Meanwhile, Capcom also announced that Japanese health drink Oronamin C will feature in the game, along with a theme song performed by J-pop idol May'n. That's all for Japanese players to look forward to when EX Troopers hits their stores on November 22, but there remains no word yet on a Western release.

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