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Facebook for iOS goes Obj-C native and speeds up, but that's about it


Millions of people check out Facebook on the go every day, and many choose to use the native Facebook apps rather than the mobile version of the website. Today the official Facebook iOS app was updated; the new version was engineered with Objective-C instead of HTML 5 at its core. The update, originally scheduled for July, is much faster and more responsive than the previous version.

Honestly, that's about all there is to say. Sure, there are a few tweaks like banners to indicate new comments or stories in your feed, but today's update was all about performance. For that, I am glad.

But issues of functionality in the Facebook app still linger. While the company has been shoveling more one-off apps onto the store to break out core features (Camera, Messages, Page management), the basics of Facebook on the web are still absent from the app.

Try sharing someone else's post. Oh, you still can't do that? Yes, you can share a link, but no, you can't share a post. George Takei has a sad. Sharing is a big thing on Facebook, and it's baffling that sharing posts is still missing from the native app.

I won't enumerate all the other missed features, but we'll hold out hope of seeing another update this year that adds some of the basic functions found on the website into the app. Feel free to vent in the comments (or even on our Facebook page).

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