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JBL's newest Jembe desktop speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, now on sale for $99


The Jembe wired speakers have been out on the market since late last year, but now JBL's finally introducing a wireless variant of these sleek desktop noisemakers. Aside from being Bluetooth-friendly at last, the pair's retaining its "stylish weave design" and adding a Harman TrueStream sound technology that wasn't found on the lesser-priced, cabled Jembe set -- this, naturally, while still utilizing a 3.5mm headphone jack as the main input source. JBL's pricing the new Jembe speakers at $99 in the US and £70 (about $110) for UK folks, with the company set to be taking orders as we speak. For that, however, you'll have to virtually land on either of the links below -- otherwise you can always go with those eccentric (and rather intimidating) Edifier Spinnakers.

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