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    Living Earth HD brings the iOS favorite to your Mac desktop

    Mel Martin

    Living Earth for iOS was always a cool app, with a beautifully rendered pic of the earth with current cloud patterns and weather conditions on top of it. It even made our best of 2011 apps list.

    Now Living Earth HD has made it to OS X app store, and is selling for US $4.99, a 50% off limited introductory price. Like its iOS counterpart, Living Earth gives you a world clock, weather, and extended forecasts for cities you specify, all within easy reach from your menu bar. In addition, you can have that live view of the earth as your desktop, and it will update in real time.

    The app also supports screensaver mode, and it will make an animated flip from city to city to set you see the weather there. The app supports the Retina display as well.

    Living Earth works as expected and looks great. The earth was very detailed, even on my 30" Cinema Display.

    The app has some competitors, including EarthDesk, also available at the Mac App Store for $14.99. The EarthDesk app has similar features, but lets you control the background image, and the opacity of the cloud display.

    Living Earth makes a wonderful and dynamic desktop. Even if you don't use it that way, you get a very nice weather app on your menu bar, and a nifty screensaver if you want one.

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