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They Bleed Pixels to bloody well hit Steam on August 29


Not enough blood in your life? Worry no more, because They Bleed Pixels will be gushing great big fountains of the stuff all over PC screens when it arrives on Steam on August 29.

Spooky Squid Games, the studio behind the blood-fest, also unveiled a new trailer to celebrate the release date announcement. It shows off some of the gratuitous ways you can lead your gothic heroine to her pixilated doom, as well as how the 2D platforming and beat-em-up mix together.

Apart from the distinct lo-fi visuals and all that red stuff, it's the game's approach to checkpointing that stands out. The more monsters you kill, and the more "stylishly" you kill them, the quicker your checkpoint meter fills up. Only once it's full can you place a checkpoint. It all sounds simple enough, unless you're a pacifist or severely styleless. Or both.

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