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Wurm Online 1.0 update to feature multi-story buildings, new avatar customization

Jef Reahard

Wurm Online may have been in development for nearly a decade, but December 6th of this year marks the project's first official deadline.

Version 1.0 of the browser-based sandbox title is coming, and it boasts multi-story buildings and new character models with customizable facial features (not to mention visible armor and proper bone structure). Wurm creator Rolf Jansson has just posted a new dev blog with all the details on the new milestone. "The game will still be far from finished but it will have a nice (huge) set of features which all come together in a very strong way," he says.

Wurm is a skill-based persistent world that's both free of instancing and free-to-play. Jansson describes it as a "player-driven economy sandbox MMO providing a strong endgame."

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