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ZTE's alleged 'Blade III' smartphone gets photographed ahead of official announcement


Let's be honest, ZTE isn't exactly the best at keeping its upcoming devices secretly under wraps before eventually making them official -- and, well, such is the case with the latest, unannounced Blade III. Finnish retailer Verkkokauppa's currently listing ZTE's purported Blade III as a 3.5-inch (800 x 480) slab that's sporting Ice Cream Sandwich, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU (MSM7227A) and a 5-megapixel rear shooter. Still, as FoneArena points out, these alleged specs go against other rumors circulating around the web, which indicate the Blade III is boasting a 4-inch display rather than the smaller sized 3.5-incher listed on the Finnish site. Whatever it may be, let's just hope ZTE's next Android smartphone doesn't come with any backdoor woes.

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