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Get ready for hurricane season with CaneCast

Mel Martin

With the hurricane season upon us, you might be looking for a way to get detailed information about the impact a storm may have on you. Fear not: there are plenty of hurricane apps for the iPhone. Some are from newspapers and TV stations rebranding National Weather Service info, while others have unique features that are worthy of note.

One app I personally like is CaneCast Hurricane Forecaster. It's a US$0.99 app for the iPhone that allows you to monitor current storms, get their exact position in relation to your location, provides a storm track and advises you what the forecast storm classification is at each point on its track.

CaneCast can also provide push notifications when a storm forms or becomes a full-fledged hurricane. There are solid maps, with a variety of radar overlays. One unique feature of CaneCast is wind risk data for any location.

I don't currently live in an area threatened by hurricanes, but lived many years in Florida where life-threatening storms are something you never get used to. I wish I'd had an app like this back then, because power tends to go off during these storms, and it's all too easy to be isolated from important information.

If you live in a hurricane area or just want to follow storms like Isaac (which is forming quickly this week), this is the app for you.

Some sample screens from activity today are in the gallery below.

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