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Molyneux's Curiosity now subtitled 'What's Inside the Cube'


Peter Molyneux confirmed the new title for his next project, formerly known as Curiosity, this afternoon. Earlier this week, Molyneux revealed that the name would have to be changed in order to keep it from colliding with the massive internet presence of NASA's identically named Mars rover. The new name – again, supposedly chosen to help distinguish the game – is Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube, according to a tweet from Molyneux. (Well, actually, the tweet reads "Curiosity:Whats inside the cube," but we're erring on the side of proper punctuation and capitalization.)

Perhaps throwing a reference to Peter Molydeux, his Twitter doppelganger, Molyneux noted in a following tweet that he's unhappy about the choice, saying that he voted for "Cube of Duty."

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