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Report: Freeverse co-founders leave the company


Freeverse is a classic name in the Mac gaming field: The New York-based developer was one of the world's biggest indie Mac game developers since long before the App Store existed or the iPhone was announced, releasing big titles like Wingnuts, Horde of Orcs and more. When the iPhone and its apps arrived, Freeverse got caught up in that same market, and was eventually acquired by mobile gaming startup Ngmoco, which itself was later acquired by a giant Japanese social gaming network. Freeverse was one of the biggest pillars of Mac gaming back in the day, and had some of the best early hits on the App Store.

Now, the book on that chapter of Apple's gaming history is finally being closed. Touch Arcade is reporting that founders Ian and Colin Lynch Smith have left the company they started, essentially ending Freeverse as we once knew it. Unfortunately, there's no clear source for the news, but if this departure is true, then there's really nothing left of Freeverse but the name. Chief Engineer Mark Levin has also tweeted that he's left the company for the last time.

That's too bad. We'll stay tuned to see what the founders may be up to in the future (ngmoco, unfortunately, has been focusing on some less-than-impressive Android titles lately, so there's not a lot of interest there for us iOS gamers). Hopefully this isn't the last we'll hear of Freeverse's impressive legacy.

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