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Saidaioujou, Cave's latest shmup, to hit Japanese Xbox 360s next year


newest arcade shoot-em-up, DoDonPachi Saidaioujou, is coming to Japanese Xbox 360s next spring, the company announced today. Saidaioujou hit the country's arcades back in April.

The shmup specialists only just released 2011's Akai Katana on Western shores, so it may be a while before Saidaiojou's brand of vertical bullet-hell reaches us. In the meantime, we can look ahead to the game's dress-up shtick.

Your ship's abilities and the game's difficulty depend on which outfit you choose for your supporting "elemental doll." Naturally, the skimpy bikini results in the hardest difficulty – though all the outfits look pretty skimpy, as you can see in the arcade game's trailer above.

In addition to HD visuals, a new easy mode, and a 360-specific mode, the console port will receive a new elemental doll. Presumably with new outfits. Presumably skimpy.

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