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Samsung's new Sydney store closely resembles ... an Apple Store


In case you've missed it, Samsung and Apple are battling it out in a U.S. federal court to determine once and for all if Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad too closely. The South Korean electronics manufacturer apparently still has a crush on Apple's designs, as a new "Samsung Experience Store" in Sydney, Australia's George Street looks surprisingly like an Apple Store.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the location -- which is only a block from Apple's Sydney store -- has a glass entrance, plain tables showcasing Samsung tablets, smartphones, and computers, and even employees in blue shirts.

The Herald's Asher Moses interviewed Tyler McGee, Samsung's vice president of telecommunications for Australia, who said that the proximity of Apple's Sydney store wasn't a factor in determining the location for the Samsung storefront. Pressed about the remarkable resemblance of the store to an Apple Store, McGee noted that the design is "the layout we use around the world, and it's about basically giving the consumers the opportunity to interact, learn and play with our devices."

Regardless of the similarities to Apple Stores, Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore was quoted as saying "I think it Samsung will find it more difficult to copy the buzz or excitement that Apple's stores generate for its customers."

[via AppleInsider]

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