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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes uncovers a Sept. 25 release date

Jordan Mallory

"But that's amazing Holmes, how on Earth did you know?" The look on Watson's face was a blend of astonishment and admiration; a look he wore with frequency after meeting Sherlock.

"Elementary, my dear Watson." Sherlock opened his violin case and tucked the instrument under his chin as he spoke. "A press release from Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive arrived via courier – The Testament of Sherlock Holmes' September 25 release date was contained within."

"And these new screenshots," said Watson, "they were delivered this morning?"

"Last night." Holmes began to play a haunting, precise melody.

"So, you didn't so much solve the 'Case of the Unknown Launch...'" Watson said, "insomuch as you waited around for it to be solved for you."

Holmes played louder.

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: A Release Date and New Screenshots

PARIS - Aug. 23, 2012 - The darkest investigation of Sherlock Holmes' career begins in just one month!

On September 20th (Europe) and September 25th (North America), the world's greatest detective will undergo a descent into hell... and you will be at the center of it. We are pleased to share a series of four new screenshots of this mysterious investigation for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC! These new screenshots show the famous detective and his friend Doctor Watson in the midst of their investigation. In a month, you will be Sherlock Holmes, and this will be your investigation!

These four new screenshots are a beautiful way to give a larger preview of this incredible investigation game. With its dark ambiance and strong story centered around a controversial hero with obscure motives, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes will make you lead a thrilling investigation through the eyes of Sherlock and Watson. The famous detective will live a life of hell in what is, without a doubt, the darkest case of his career. Examine crime scenes, find the clues, follow the trails, interrogate suspects and solve an incredible case full of twists!

You are Sherlock Holmes, and this is your investigation. Unfold an incredible conspiracy on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on September 20th (Europe) and September 25th (North America)!

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